Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Holiday Season is Upon US!!

Well,  every day that brings us closer to the start of this event fills us with anticipation.  We are busy driving mules to prepare them for pulling at Winterhaven.  We are trying to answer all the questions that you call us with.  We are making reservations and looking forward to Saturday.  One thing that we have realized throughout this period is that this holiday event is not just about riding through Winterhaven and seeing the beautiful lights.  We realize that it is ultimately about making memories for you to share with those you love.  Those memories are precious and we don't always realize what that means until those memories are all we have.  Our family has a tradition and that is putting on the wagon rides through winterhaven.  When my son, Jake, came home from school with an assignment which was to describe a tradition that we practice through this season he wrote that we do Winterhaven.  At first this troubled me that we don't have any other tradition that he has to relate to this most Special Holiday.  After some thought, however, I arrived at a realization to what we really do.  We have the tradition of making memories for all of you who come and share this season with us.  I have spoken with so many patrons who have ridden with us through winterhaven with loved ones that they have lost.  They thank us for being there.  That is what this holiday event is about.  Bringing that special closeness to families so that they can look back on this event and remember....   We will try to bring you great memories!



  1. I am touched that you were worried about your son choosing this as his cherished tradition and worrying about the lack of other traditions. Oh the guilt of parenting for working parents! :-) I just wanted to say that our own lives, at one time, were completely involved in making Christmas better for others, to the point that we often felt our own children were lacking. But they are now grown, and they tell us all the time of the "wonderful traditions and memories" that they have. Turns out that they had no ill feelings about the lack of traditions that we perceived to be happening and have only great memories! SO yes, your son will remember this as a very special and integral part of his holidays and, I might add, how UNIQUE! Not every child gets to grow up saying that he was a part of making Christmas special for thousands of people!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment and Merry Christmas to you and your family as well! It's nice people take the time to consider other peoples situations! Thank you again!