Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Winterhaven Festival of Lights... So Far So Good!

Many of you are calling with questions regarding the 2010 Winterhaven Festival of Lights.   One question was whether or not the lights would be good this year, as the City of Tucson is usually hired by the Winterhaven LLC to string some of the lights in the trees for the festival.  In order to help alleviate unnecessary expense, the Winterhaven LLC has decided to look for other options than paying the very high price that the City of Tucson has charged in the past.  One option they have entertained was to take bids and hire a private company with lift access so that the lights could be placed as they have been through the years past.  Therefore, the lights should be the same as years past.  Remember, many of the residents provide their own decorations and lights in their yards...  that is what really makes the Festival!  Either way, with the effort from the Neighborhood of Winterhaven, all the vendors and everyone who has donated either $ or time, this ought to be an extra special year!    We can't wait!!